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Mouth Work

Have you ever experienced the pain and stiffness of a sore jaw? Or painful popping, clicking, or grating of the jaw joint when opening or closing the mouth? What about a change in the way your upper & lower teeth fit together? Or locking/limited movement of your jaw? Do you clench &/or grind your teeth while you sleep? According the National Institute of Health, over 10 million Americans are affected by disorders of the TMJ (temporal mandibular joint).

Common treatments for TMJ disorders include: self-care techniques (applying ice, eating soft foods, relaxation techniques, avoiding extreme jaw movements), pain medications, mouthguards (stabilizing splints), botox, and surgery.

CranioSacral Therapy & the Mouth

The gentle application of a few Craniosacral sessions has been effective in loosening the tensions causing misalignment and painful symptoms related to TMJ disorders, orthodontics, and pre/post dentistry & dental surgery.

1The temporomandibular joints, because of their position in the skull, serve as a major neurological pathway for motor and sensory activity. The proximity to the ears, eyes, nose, throat, tongue, sinuses, and cervical spine make them among the most important joints in the body. 38 percent of all neurological input to the brain comes from the face, mouth, and TMJ region. Their structure makes them perhaps the most special and most complex joints in the anatomy. 

2Craniosacral therapy addresses important muscle groups that are crucially important to dentistry and the craniosacral system. The muscles that are among the most significant are the lateral pterygoid, masseter, and temporalis muscles. The specific treatment of TMJ soft tissue improves the tonus and function of these muscles as well as improving the function of the innervating cranial and cervical nerves. 

3In addressing the soft tissue of the TMJ, craniosacral therapy helps reduce compression and abnormal traction on the joint. 

Craniosacral therapy can also be used to address conditions of the tongue.

Craniosacral Therapy is gentle and non-invasive. Using a gloved hand and the application of a light touch, the practitioner aids in releasing the tissues of the mouth. This wonderful healing modality is appropriate for all ages, from infancy to end of life. 

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